Speaking Skills

August 27, 2011

Using Slides: A lighthearted look with serious tips

As a professional speaker and speaking coach – as well as a graphic designer for over 30 years now – not to mention a make-over slide […]
August 26, 2011

Steve Jobs: Commencement Speech at Stanford

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation addresses the 2005 Graduates of Stanford University. His structure – sharing three stories – each relating to the […]
August 25, 2011

Memorial Tributes: Expressing Your Love

One of the most difficult forms of public expression are those in offering eulogies, or tributes at a loved one’s Celebration of Life Services. When my […]
August 23, 2011

Speaking Skills We can Learn from Comedians

Comedians are the best expression of professional speakers. It’s not easy to get up in front of a crowd, let alone entertain them. They could just […]
June 19, 2011

Speaking Tip: Creating Relation-ship

Tips on Presentations ~ When preparing a presentation, image that instead of being the presenter... you are the Attendee in the seat! Read on for more tips on how to do speech presentations.