Knowing Results with Meeting Planners

What percentage of satisfied people in an average audience
does it takes to satisfy a meeting planner?

Has any research been done to determine what % of an audience needs to be satisfied with a presentation in order for the speaker to be considered effective and impactful?

A colleague of mine through the National Speakers Association, Jared Meyer, asked this question on our Facebook group page this week.

Nancy Vogl, a long-time consultant to the speaking industry, responded, “I doubt there’s any such research – but I’d say that a competent meeting planner expects a speaker to satisfy ALL of the audience with their presentation (with the understanding you’re bound to get one or two people that will complain about something pointed at the speaker – but in actuality is more about the complainer)… A speaker MUST strive to be everything they claim to be when marketing themselves, and then deliver MORE than 100% if they want their business to thrive.” She added, Og Mandino said:” Do it with purpose, authenticity and with the mindset it is a privilege to serve.”

Some meeting planners/clients consider a presentation successful if no one leaves during the presentation. Better yet, when people were actually paying attention and participating during the program. With the over-busy attendee schedules, technology at their fingertips (BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid) to check email, text (and e-gads) play games instead, people (all ages) have even shorter attention spans. Linda Byars Swindling commented: “Wow what a tough job these people have to compete with their participants demanding jobs and schedule….just getting mind share is a Win.”

Ask your client beforehand, “How will you know I’ve done a good job?”
Ask them in your pre-planning conversations, how they will measure success?
Then you will know the outcome to create, and meet — and exceed — those client expectations.

The more prepared YOU are as the presenter, the more engaging you will be with the audience, the greater your rapport, the deeper impact your message will have, and the happier the meeting planner will be that they booked YOU to speak! To book me to speak, or to view a Pre-Program Questionnaire to help my meeting planners, click here.

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