I had the pleasure to attend Sheryl’s virtual training on presenting like a pro and it was one of the highlights of my year so far! Sheryl is not only a fun and energetic trainer but also very detail oriented. She walked us through every stage right from preparing to presenting and post-presentation which was truly well crafted. I started implementing her tips the same day for my virtual calls with teams in Asia by focusing on the gotta-know in the body of my message. Since I work a lot with cross-functional partners from around the globe, it is important for me to ensure engagement throughout the meetings. And I can already see Sheryl’s training help me!

Akanksha P Mohla, MBA, Manager, Global SIOP at Mattel, Inc.

When working with Sheryl, you experience a sparkle with every touch point. Rarely do you find someone with the excellence and level of detail that Sheryl gives to deliver a personalized presentation that is packed with value and golden nuggets that you can apply immediately. In one of our recent virtual trainings with 125 participants from across the U.S. and Canada, Sheryl kept the group captivated and excited to test out their learnings. Looking forward to working with her again.”

Giovanna Dottore, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Org Development, Mattel, Inc.

As the Region 7 Assistant Director of the International Association of Venue Managers we recently invited Sheryl to speak at our region conference. Sheryl provided a powerful and engaging message. Sheryl’s expertise is communication skills for the workplace and she re-energized us to get back to the workplace. Many of us in our industry have been either laid off or furloughed this past year and Sheryl was a breath of fresh air. She was positive, and brought excitement back to the attendees. Although the conference was virtual, she was able to bring the session to life. Sheryl engaged in real time and in the chats. This was not like most other virtual sessions I have been part of.  We look forward to inviting her back again for future meetings. This is the second time we have had the opportunity to have Sheryl part of our education and connecting opportunities. Thank you Sheryl for being such a light and sharing your magic with us!

Shelley Albanese, General Manager, Visalia Convention Center,
Assistant Director of the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)

IAVM Annual Conference, theme “Re-Energize Your Magic!”  April 2021
“Sheryl gave an incredibly engaging presentation titled “Communication Skills for the Workplace: Re-Energizing Connection and Teamwork” which focused on best practices in collaborating with team members and colleagues. Sheryl laid the groundwork for her presentation by taking the time to speak with a few of the conference attendees about their experiences and the industry. She then took the information from these exchanges and incorporated them into her talk, highlighting each of the individuals she interviewed. This special touch allowed Sheryl to create a tailored session that really spoke to the audience. The presentation was extremely relevant and relatable for attendees and Sheryl’s positive and energetic demeanor made for a phenomenal experience. I am so happy to know Sheryl and would 100% recommend her as a speaker for your next engagement or event.

Karly Watson, Event Management

“Sheryl was one of our speakers at the Turkey Virtual Corporate Summit. She is a great speaker that I already witnessed before and this time she impressed me with her tailoring her presentation for the Turkish corporate manager audience in the virtual presentation. Plus, it was 6am for her, due to the time difference, still her energy was so high. She does whatever she can to serve at a higher level. You can count on her in your events as a speaker.”

Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu, CEO, ProAkademi
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach

“Working with Sheryl is a dream. She fulfills every customer service credo that exists – always going beyond the expected to assist YOU in your planning. Her mind is a non-stop brainstorm of creative ideas that add punch and pizzazz to any event – and all of this in addition to her own outstanding presentation that will have your audience implementing ideas and taking action. Sheryl IS the WOW factor you’ve been looking for!”

Marcia Snow, President, Blue Feather Management

Sheryl Roush speaking at NSA-OHIO

Sheryl was dynamite at the NSA-Ohio chapter meeting for so many reasons! Not only was she one of the easiest speakers to work with, she went above and beyond to market the meeting before the meeting. Then, she wow’d the chapter with her content about effective marketing. Her templates for one sheets and tips on website content were awesome. She was high-energy, kind, funny and so helpful. The most impressive part: Ohio was slammed with a blizzard, and many registrants were unable to attend. We had less than half the normal attendance, but it didn’t stop her. She treated the entire group like superstars. We live-streamed the meeting via Zoom, and she did an extraordinary job of keeping the remote viewers engaged as if they were in the room. The feedback from everyone was that she did a spectacular job. Don’t hesitate to bring her into your chapter!

Maureen Zappala, 2017-18 President
National Speakers Association, Ohio Chapter

“Thank you , thank you, thank you. You knocked it out of the park this morning. You gave everyone so much to think about and use immediately. Not only was it full of meaty material, you presented it in a meaningful way. I have no doubt my future presentations are going to be better because of what you have given us today. I’m sure everyone else feels the same way.”
Bev LeBlanc, Program Quality Director, Alberta, Canada, June 26, 2021

Business Communications Speaker, Sheryl Roush, having fun with the audience!“Sheryl Roush is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that we felt very lucky to have her present at the 2016 Mensa-Con American Mensa Annual Gathering. Her presentation on “7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone” was well-attended and among our top rated presentations for the conference. We were fortunate that it was effortless to work with her regarding scheduling and setup and she exceeded our expectations as an interactive and captivating addition to our Leadership Development program.”

 LaRae Bakerink, Chair
American Mensa Annual Gathering, 2016

“What an absolute pleasure to be part of your session this afternoon… I can count people like you on the fingers of two hands… practical, bottom line, call it the way we see it... content-driven, giving our audiences proven takeaways. Thank you so much for a simply wonderful session. I was not going to attend today and at the last minute I saw it was you, so changed my plans.”
– Jenny de St. Georges
NSA-Northern California Chapter, Virtual Presentation, April 18, 2021

“GREAT program at GGBC. You blew us away. Your level of customization demonstrated what a true professional speaker should be. I was a fan before. Now I am a raving fan. Congratulations and thank you.”
– Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Golden Gate Breakfast Club, Virtual Presentation, November 9, 2020

““I recently attended a workshop presented by Sheryl Roush entitled, “Market Like A Pro: For Presenters, Coaches & Consultants.” In this workshop Sheryl helped us answer the questions of: how clear we are about who our ideal client is; what our desired market is; and who would be our perfect audience. Sheryl is a dynamic presenter with a passion to take other professionals to another level of their career and move their professional goals to new heights. Sheryl has a way of also presenting and engaging each person in a way that is tailored and specifically supports each participant.”
Charlie Retts Ed. D.
Leadership Trainer, University Professor, Coach, Author
Virtual Workshop, June 2, 2021

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave to start off our 38th annual Training and Technology Seminar last week in Ventura. I thoroughly enjoyed the uplifting presentation. The tone you set made for a wonderful week for us.”

Joseph L. Surges, Northern California Chapter President
California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors (CLEARS)

“Your presentation changed the life of several women in the audience.
The attendee evaluations picked you #1 speaker!

Sheila McDonnell, Producer, Women in Business Symposium

“You were really great! I don’t know if I have ever had the occasion to meet a person that was as dynamic, organized, personable, friendly, thoughtful, structured, passionate and great as you proved to be yesterday, it was truly a wonderful experience. Your attitude is contagious and you are sincerely appreciated from our little old Oklahoma perspective. I cannot say thanks enough! Sheryl, thank you for lifting our spirits, making our All Staff the “best ever” (as I was told by numerous people) and giving our staff a very memorable occasion.”

Richard Pralle, CFO
Red Rock Behavioral Health Services

Professional Speaker, Sheryl Roush sharing business communication tips“Sheryl’s professionalism and enthusiasm are infectious! Her training has helped bring the management team of the Zoological Society to another level altogether, and we look forward to each new class she brings to our organization. I couldn’t endorse her any stronger.

Tim Mulligan, Chief Human Resources Officer
San Diego Zoo Global

“Sheryl, you have a special talent for engaging the audience in an inclusive and relaxing way. I’ve rarely seen a presenter connect with an audience in such a short time. It was quite impressive to witness! I also appreciate the way in which you were able to tailor the presentation based on the specific needs and requests you received from us in advance.”

James F. Anderson, President & CEO
CalSAE-California Society of Association Executives

Sheryl Roush is an energetic, fun speaker from Southern California“Thanks once again for the exceptional presentation this afternoon. It was very informative, enlightening, and extremely useful to all that attended. We received a lot of very favorable comments on how well prepared, organized it was as well as the world class delivery. We do look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.”

Rick Sunamoto, Director of Manufacturing
HM Electronics, Inc.

“As a speaker my credibility is reflected – enhanced or diminished – by the visual quality of my support material – my newsletters, handouts, one-sheets and brochures. Sheryl’s insights, techniques, and PRACTICAL wisdom give me confidence and save me money, time, and aggravation.”

Christopher Witt
Witt Communications

“Excellent speaker!!! Truly the best I’ve heard. Would love to have her speak again.”

Linda Yamamoto
Scripps / Mercy Hospital

“Sheryl Roush is not only creative, she is intelligent in matching an advertising message to the audience a speaker wants to reach. When I want materials that are professional in appearance and content, I go to the ‘Pro’ herself, Sheryl Roush.”

Terry Fitzgerald Sieck, J.D., M.P.A.

Sheryl Roush's business communication workshops are packed full of helpful content“I am so glad that I hired Sheryl to develop my marketing materials. She is highly creative and easy to work with. Her ideas and suggestions improved my marketing materials tremendously! Sheryl is a terrific coach and consultant, I recommend her without hesitation.”

John Boe
John Boe International

“Sheryl’s tremendous insight and knowledge of marketing opened the door to a new career for myself in stress management and wellness. Her sensitivity to fine details directed me to the correct population I wanted to educate holistically. She is a strong mentor to motivate myself and others with a genuine sense of honesty and integrity.”

Dorann Pohmurski, R.N., B.S.N.
Holistic Nurse

“As a former direct marketing writer and executive, I am keenly aware that you shouldn’t be your own campaign manager and that good help is hard to find. In seeking assistance and guidance in preparing my materials, I turned to Sheryl Roush. She is probing, insightful and has a great eye for the visual — and she delivers. I can recommend her highly.”

John Reddish, CMC
Advent Management International

“I spent one hour with Sheryl to review a brochure design… she was ON, and RIGHT-ON! She was amazing!! She quickly grasped the vision of my business and not only guided me to a beautiful, professional-quality design, she also channeled exciting ideas that will take my business to another level. She’s a marketing genius, and a lot of fun!!

Linda Shay
The Dolphin Way

Business Speaker, Sheryl Roush, provides fun, entertaining, educational keynotes“On behalf of The 10,000 Days Foundation, I want to thank you for your outstanding keynote presentation to our attendees last week at The Course of 10,000 Days Retreat in San Diego. You really “wowed” the audience with your platform mastery as our Emcee and your insights as a speaker on “Managing the Environment of Your Life!” This was evident by the enthusiastic reception you received from our attendees, especially those small business owners who were looking for profound insights. You really delivered for them!

“Also, our staff appreciated your professionalism and flexibility. You were a pleasure to work with as a speaker and you kept us on time and on schedule!  Finally, your evaluations ranked very high as a speaker. Congratulations on a superb job! We couldn’t be more pleased that we selected you to speak and emcee our event. Thank you for making our program a great success!”

Thomas Hinton, Chairman & CEO
The 10,000 Days Foundation

Sheryl Roush is a game-changer. Once you experience her message, you’ll immediately find yourself playing at a much higher level. She is one of the most exciting, energizing, and content-rich speakers I’ve ever witnessed. If you want the best, you need Sheryl Roush.”

Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
Author, World Class Speaking