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Could you use time- and cost-saving design shortcuts?

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Discover the “Gold Mine of Great Design!”

How to communicate in print and on screen!

Perfect for every level of desktop publisher,
editor or administrative assistant!

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Customized makeover workshops from YOUR samples — newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, display ads, reports, proposals, manuals, post cards, mailers, catalogs, booklets, handbooks, training and presentation materials… even PowerPoint and iKeynote slides.

Discover how to:

  • Create a profile of your target audience

  • Write and place content that gets read

  • Master the practical techniques of effective graphic layout, fonts and color psychology

  • Save time by using 9 powerful time-saving shortcuts

  • Produce a finished product that has a professional look, feel and gets results!

Solid Gold Newsletter Design Book by Sheryl RoushTap into the “Mother Load” of desktop design programs. Top-rated speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator Sheryl Roush shares golden nuggets from 45+ years in advertising, graphic design, marketing, photography, publishing and printing. She is a trained commercial artist and has owned five graphic design studios. She has received numerous graphics and printing awards, including four international honors for newsletter design.

Sheryl is the author of five books on this topic. University California Berkeley commissioned her to author and present a full-day course How to Design Dynamic Marketing Media which received their highest “excellent” ratings. Her book, Solid Gold Newsletter Design has served as a coursebook at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Sheryl has presented over 1,200 live, full-day marketing communication seminars throughout Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Puerto Rico and the US.  Participants have received both awards and professional recognition for their publications as the result of using the proven techniques in her programs. At least one even received a promotion!

Exercises Include:

  • Design makeovers of your current printed marketing pieces
  • How to begin a design – necessary elements and simple steps
  • The “Golden Guide” to what-goes-where, and why — easy formats to follow!


  • 38 promotional words proven to attract readers’ attentionSheryl Roush, Professional Speaker & Coach
  • Award-winning headlines and how to write them
  • 5 ways to get creative — even when you don’t feel like it!
  • 9 ways to boost direct mail response from your direct mail

Proven Design Strategies

  • Workshops are customized to your organization and needs — using YOUR samples for ideas, feedback and on-the-spot makeovers!
  • Participants gain immediate application of skills, techniques and shortcuts.

Schedule Sheryl today for your Solid Gold program!

  • Virtual Presentations
  • Conferences & On-Site Training
  • Coaching & Consultations
  • Marketing Team Retreats
  • Half- and Full-Day Workshops

Program Recommendations:

  • To gain the most benefit from this program – schedule Sheryl for a full-day.
  • May be used as a breakout session – specific to one topic (newsletters, brochures, slide or flyer design)
  • Best as a full-day workshop with makeover activities for maximum benefit!

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“Solid Gold” Testimonials

I recently attended a workshop presented by Sheryl Roush entitled, “Market Like A Pro! For Presenters, Coaches & Consultants.” In this workshop Sheryl helped us answer the questions of how clear we are about who our ideal client is, what our desired market is and who would be our perfect audience. Sheryl is a dynamic presenter with a passion to take other professionals to another level of their career and move their professional goals to new heights. Sheryl has a way of also presenting and engaging each person in a way that is tailored and specifically supports each participant.”
Charlie Retts Ed. D., Leadership Trainer, Coach, University Professor
San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, June 2, 2021


As a respected and very successful member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Sheryl was hand-selected to be a critical presenter and trainer for the recent kick-off meeting of the 10 month Speaker Academy Northern California NSA program. I was fortunate to be in attendance and was highly impressed with Sheryl’s detailed depth of knowledge, scope of experience, and most importantly, her authentic, friendly but powerful, and engaging style of speaking and training. Her commitment to her audience/client’s/student’s success with insightful and honest exchanges and examples was wonderful to behold and experience. Her energy is constructive and positive, and her content informed and inspiring.  A ++ all around. She brings tremendous value as a speaker and trainer… if you are thinking of hiring her, stop thinking and just do it. She is a rare gem and you won’t regret it.

Lisa Johnson aka “Corporate Cowgirl” HR Consultant & Speaker
NSA-Northern California Chapter, January 2020

“Sheryl is a great mentor! It’s quite astounding how much, even only 1 session with her, pays off. The fact that you get the recorded session is absolutely a plus! It’s a great tool to come back to, over and over again. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and would recommend Sheryl to everyone who needs that extra push, to make the next step in your journey. I love Sheryl’s direct, supportive and hands-on approach!
Kristel Vereeken, Founder Ghent-Authentic, Premier Tour Guiding Service Ghent

“Sheryl Roush is a magnificent coach. Sheryl took the time to review my website, social media, and past speaking presentations. Through her research, thoughtfulness, and experience I immediately felt like Sheryl knew me, understood me as a speaker, and most importantly helped to see my future and validate my abilities. Her feedback and advice were tailored to me, simple and direct. She left me feeling quite sparkly! I highly recommend letting Sheryl get to know you to help you develop your true potential.”
Jill P. Mott, Photo Adviser at Rocky Mountain Student Media Corp.

“Sheryl’s energy & passion kept my engaged. Her insight into marketing & branding are game-changers! Most of all, her many ideas are immediately usable. Looking forward implementing them to take my business to a higher level. I will drive through another snowstorm if necessary to hear Sheryl speak.”

Michael Davis
NSA-Ohio Chapter

“In my corporate life, I oversaw print advertising for many years
but darned if I didn’t take several pages of notes in your presentation. It was really good stuff!

Don Blohowiak, President
1999-2000 National Speakers Association: Liberty Bell Chapter


“Congratulations on a wonderful Super Session. I heard a number of wonderful recaps of your session.
Folks commended the wealth of useable information you dispensed.”

Craig Harrison, Dean, Speakers Academy, Program Chair
National Speakers Association, Northern California Chapter


“Just a quick note to let you know that I continue to appreciate your graphic design wisdom.
I’m amazed at how I keep learning new things!”

Sarita Maybin
Professional Speaker/Author


“As a speaker, my credibility is reflected – enhanced or diminished – by the visual quality of my support material – my newsletters, handouts, one-sheets and brochures. Sheryl’s insights, techniques, and PRACTICAL wisdom give me confidence and save me money, time, and aggravation.

Christopher Witt, Ph.D.
Witt Communications


Your reputation had proceeded you, but I don’t think that anybody was prepared for the level of presentation that you provided. You shared tips, hints, and secrets on how WE could become great. The feedback received was one of the best, if not the best, we have ever received.”

Mike Rounds, Dean, Masters Track
National Speakers Association, Los Angeles Chapter


“Sheryl was vivacious, offered a wealth of knowledge and was very practical. Everything we hoped for!”

Gary Baumler
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

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