Bringing a positive attitude, connection and spirit to work

Customer Service with HeartLearn how to become more stress-resilient in a high-pressure customer service environment!

This is a skill-builder program ideal for very small professional offices, to middle-sized businesses and entire departments in large corporations. Whether needed for internal or external customers, profit and nonprofit organizations benefit from these insights and techniques.

You will:

  • Learn 4 things customers really want–and 7 things they don’t
  • Use 3 dynamics of communication skills and 2 listening techniques
  • Serve from your heart and connect authentically with your customers


  • Fun, recognition and self-esteem raising exercise
  • 64 ideas to transform negativity and beat burnout

CUSTOMIZE to your length of program or workshop. May be modified for a how-to style of keynote presentation. Perfect for conference breakout sessions one hour or longer.

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Sheryl Roush speaking about presentation skills“When I was searching for a way to increase our tenants’ customer service and morale at Lake Elsinore Outlets, it was extremely important for me to find a motivational speaker that would address multiple layers of consumer experience and employee motivation. Your Training Series has matched our needs wonderfully, while going above and beyond the outlines criteria, to keep the entire team keyed-up to better themselves. While the consumer expectations in the retail world are ever-changing, learning ways to communicate and providing professional demeanor, is crucial to success.

You worked closely with the centers’ management staff to tailor unique and exciting training sessions on attitude, sales, marketing, service and social media for 3 consecutive years, which continued to keep our employees engaged and coming back quarterly, for more ways to better themselves, for their customers. You keynoted 4 consecutive Annual Tenant Meetings that kicked off the centers’ year for the tenants and got them eager to reach sales goals. Not only did you give a new perspective on the consumer experience, you were able to individually take note and work with all 65 of our tenants. You went above and beyond Secret Shopping visits, and gave extensive feedback to managers, to better their work environment. Overall, Sheryl, your professionalism and contagious enthusiasm boosted morale and sales skills that our center needed.”

Christina Riojas, Marketing Director
Lake Elsinore Outlets

“Fantastic instructor! Sheryl Roush is the most dynamic speaker I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. She did a wonderful job of keeping everybody loose and involved. Everyone I’ve spoken with was very impressed. The content was very broad and meaningful as well. Most importantly, Sheryl made the seminar fun for all of the attendees because she loves what she does. I am personally very glad I attended. Thanks again, and good job!”

LaRue Preston, VP Customer Service
Watkins Portable Spas/Caldera Spas

“Becoming More Stress Resilient in a High-Pressure Customer Service Environment”
Workshop Ratings: Both = 5.00 on a 5-point/high scale.”

Los Angeles Unified School District
Organizational Excellence Office

“This is just what I needed — Thank you! Now I know there is a God!”

Lankershim Elementary, School Administrative Assistant

“I could take practical examples and translate it to what happens at school.
Best presenter I’ve heard! Best meeting so far!”

Stonehurst Elementary, School Admin. Assistant

“I would like this same presentation at our schools for staff!
I was feeling down when I arrived and Sheryl’s presentation cheered me up and I feel great!
She’s fantastic!”

Lankershim Elementary, School Office Manager

Most-requested program for Los Angeles Unified School District, and their top-rated program of all training programs presented.

Sheryl Roush Customer Service with Heart


  • "This presentation will help everyone improve their customer service skills."
  • "She made me feel better about myself. We need to hear her at the Superstars Conference.I feel I can deal with the stress of life."
  • "Sheryl Roush is beyond excellent."
  • "I love your workshop, handout, energy, humor, style and usefulness of information."
  • "Excellent presenter - Kept you interested; excellent stress program. Should be given throughout the District."

Audiences include:

  • Brooks Brothers
  • Caldera Spa
  • Watkins Manufacturing Corporation
  • Carlsbad Company Premium Outlet
  • Catholic Congress Annual Convention
  • City of Lubbock, TX - Water Utilities
  • EPICOR Software Corporation
  • Intuit Software/Turbo Tax
  • Lake Elsinore Outlets
  • Lifeline Healthcare, Inc.
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • National Catholic Cemeteries Conference
  • National University
  • National Water Rural Association
  • Steven R. Olmos, Dentist Office
  • Philip Morris of Asia, Hong Kong
  • San Diego Museum of Art
  • Sheraton Hotels
  • Symantec Software Int‘l
  • Norton Utilities
  • Tustin Unified School District
  • UCSD Healthcare & Medical Center
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Union Bank