Do you get nervous when speaking in front of people?
In person or for virtual presentations?

Need to give reports, briefings, or updates?

Have trouble organizing your thoughts and ideas?

Speak Like A Pro!

How to Give Effective Live and Virtual Presentations

For every level of presenter and every type of presentation - live, hybrid and virtual

  • Discover a new level of confidence in communicating!

  • Raise your self-esteem, credibility and presence!

  • Connect with every listener in your audiences!

  • Organize your thoughts-easily and quickly!

  • Turn that nervous sweat into SPARKLE!

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If you’ve ever needed to speak – in front of a live or virtual audience – and were overwhelmed with nervousness, panic or anxiety — fear no more!

Sheryl Roush, Southern California SpeakerThis session helps you transform that nervous energy into excitement and skilled, purposeful movement. Whether speaking to a small or large group — whether you are a beginner or expert — whether in-person or virtually – you’ll pick up proven techniques, simple tips and valuable treasures to use immediately!

Sheryl Roush has been an active Professional Member of the National Speakers Association since 1996, and Sheryl was selected by colleagues as “Member of the Year” in both the San Diego Chapter and the Los Angeles Chapters for stellar contributions to the speaking and training industry.

Public Speaking Coach, Sheryl RoushOne of her noted accomplishments was serving as the Director of Training for the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego, coaching Olympians in telling their “Going for the Gold” medal-winning stories. She also helped start their Speakers Bureau and trained volunteer speakers. Sheryl has been training the NFL’s award-winning professional cheer and dance team, the San Diego/Los Angeles Charger Girls, 2000-2019 in public speaking, media interviews for TV and radio.

Sheryl Roush was the youngest female in the world to be honored by Toastmasters International with their elite “Accredited Speaker” professional designation for outstanding platform presentation skills, judged in six categories in 1993. Today this rating is out of 4.4 million members (since 1924) in 143 countries, 88 total having ever earned the title.

In addition to speaking across the United States, Sheryl has presented multiple live programs in Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico, Qatar and Singapore.

Activities, Hands-on Practice and Handouts
include assessments, worksheets, checklists and
techniques to make you SHINE!



Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the 7 significant secrets of speaking

  • Structure, organize and energize any presentation

  • Create and use visual aids to persuade, inform and motivate

  • Select 20-second grabber openings to capture attention

  • Craft dynamite closing remarks – and an irresistible call to action

  • Deliver with confidence – voice, body language, movement, positioning power and facial expression

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Program Recommendations:

Live and Virtual Sessions: Conference sessions, retreats Half-day, full-day and two-day workshops. Minimum time allotment: one hour. Contact Sheryl to speak to your organization!

Personalized Coaching:

For personalized coaching programs on public speaking and marketing your speaking business, visit Speak And Market Like A Pro!™

Contact Sheryl to Speak to Your Organization!

Testimonials:Business Communications Speaker, Sheryl Roush

“Sheryl gave a fabulous session at the NAPO conference on Sparkle When You Speak. As a speaker and trainer I found the information presented to be relevant, valuable and of immediate use. I spoke yesterday at a conference and took to heart many of Sheryl’s tips. I was very pleased with the results. One participant came up to me and said my presentation was the best session (out of 21) of the day. I look forward to implementing more of her ideas as I can see they are true success seeds.”

Louise Kurzeka
Everything’s Together

“I have known Accredited Speaker Sheryl Roush for more than 20 years, having first engaged with her at a conference when she was presenting an educational session. Since then I have witnessed, not only her sparkling presentation skills but also her ability to organize events and mentor other aspiring professional speakers. Sheryl has the rare combination of high level presentation skills, marketing expertise, and a heart for mentoring and encouraging others. Any organization that hires her will get a top notch professional. I’m happy to recommend her.
Dr. Dilip Abayasekara

“If you are looking for someone to Keynote at your Event or teach an in depth workshop on speaking, Sheryl Shines and Sparkles! I had the pleasure of seeing her speak multiple times she was always engaging and fun! Then I had the pleasure of working with her in one of my hybrid events that I ran, she scored amazingly in attendee feedback and as a planner she was quick to clarify if she didn’t understand, met deadlines (which we know some speakers have a hard time with) and was great to give positive feedback and suggestions. She is a wonder of a person to work with.”
Alexandra Tomayko, Event Planner, A Conscious Coach Conference

Sheryl is a rockstar and an ideal speaker. Working beside her was an amazing experience because she shares marketing content and applies her content. Sheryl is a self-starter who tackles implied tasks and takes the initiative to ensure that an event is a success.
Dr. Michael Barbera, Clicksuasion Labs, Event Planner

“Sheryl really delivers the WOW! Factor! The way she personalized to our chapter was amazing.
Great information presented in a way that was easily digestible.”

National Speakers Association Ohio Chapter Member

“Your expertise and contributions through your presentation were a valuable addition
and helped to make the conference a great success.” (4.98 rating on a 5.0 scale)

Cheryl Gallagher, CMP, Senior Meeting Manager
National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Program Committee

“Your break-out session, Sparkle When You Speak!™ was equally as good [as your opening keynote]. Your post-event evaluations were strong, the conversations I heard regarding your presentations were extremely positive, and attendees carried your positive messages with them throughout the day. “

Mary Stabelfeld, Conference Coordinator
Central California Women’s Conference

Professional Speaker, Sheryl Roush“Thank you for your fabulous talk that you gave regarding how to Sparkle When You Speak!™ I used the tools you provided to design a PowerPoint seminar that I recently gave at CRES. My talk went exceptionally well and I got lots of positive feedback! I made sure that everything tied-in together, each slide was interesting, and that I was totally prepared. I appreciate all your helpful hints and am looking forward to gaining more of your professional insights through the Leadership Development course.”

Helena Fitch-Snyder, Education Specialist
San Diego Zoo Global


“I’m sure you heard it a 1000 times, but I was so thrilled with your session. I raved about you to everyone and what I said is true. The price of the conference was worth your one session. Thanks again!”

Jennifer Roberts
Organizer & Home Stylist

“Thank you so much for your fantastic session at the NAPO conference. It was one of the highlights for me! I’ve been to many courses on speaking, but I got SO much new and actionable info from you, and you modeled being an excellent speaker. It was a pleasure to watch you in action!”

Lisa Zaslow
Gotham Organizers

“Your high-energy Sparkle When You Speak!™ presentation was outstanding. In less than an hour, everyone attending was enriched with the perfect combination of new skills, inspiration and fun! As leaders, peers, and every-day communicators, we learned new ways to connect with people and engage our listeners. You inspired all of us in the room – from assembly workers to executives – to improve our game, take it up a notch, be the communicators and people we want to be. You truly sparkle and inspired us to do the same.”

Rick Sunamoto, Director of Manufacturing
and Kathy Vail, SPHR, Director of Human Resources
HM Electronics, Inc.

Sheryl Roush at NSA-Ohio.

“I just completed my evaluation of your class and I’m a raving fan! You were The Most Entertaining Class, plus chock-full of amazing information. Thank you for your incredible and rich follow up with the attached tips, you’re a true professional. Big Blessings.”

Liz Byrne
Professional Organizer, Alchemy of Order Ltd

Loved your workshop!!! You gave great advice and kept us laughing!
Thanks so much for the extra tips, I’ll put them to use right away!

Tara Kenavan

Excellent. Moved well and did not have ‘draggy’ bits. Energized presentation.”

Shana Isbister
Ministry of Education, Singapore

“After 38 years in the audio-visual field, you are the first presenter
I have seen who used the overhead projector to perfection.”

Norman Sauppe, Publicist
Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs

“Giving presentations is not a hard job; it is a show and worth enjoying!
Lively, informative, helped build my confidence.”

Chan Yui Wing Louis
Environmental Protection Dept., Hong Kong

Sheryl Roush speaking at NSA-OHIO.

“Thank you for the tips! I want you to know that you were my favorite speaker at the NAPO conference and I listed your name on the evaluation form as the person I would like to be a general session speaker. Thank you for your enthusiasm and professional workshop filled with information to help me become a sparkle speaker.”

Susanne Otteman
Organize This!

“I saw Sheryl Roush speak on ‘Sparkle When You Speak’ and she was AWESOME, EXTRA-ORDINARY and simply INCREDIBLE. I’m still raving and it’s the next day. And, you know I don’t often rave!”

Carolyn Bercovitz
Speaker Coach, Einstein Alive!

Great presentation! I did come up and speak to you after your session at the NAPO conference, but wanted to let you know that now that I’m home and reviewing everything. I found your session the most valuable for me in my business. I am a comfortable speaker, but now I will be so much better, from prep to presentation and after! Thanks so much!”

Laurene Livesey Park

“You are such a fluid and GIFTED speaker… absolutely dyn-o-mite!”

Michelle LaPrise
Personal Success Coach President, ASTD/San Diego

“Excellent speaker!!! Truly the best I’ve heard. Would love to have her speak again.”

Linda Yamamoto
Scripps/Mercy Hospital

“It’s not what you say as much as how you say it.
Thanks for all the help in putting my presentation together.”

Patty Skefund, RN

Available for Virtual:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Hybrid (Live + Virtual) Sessions
  • Zoom Breakout Room Presenter/Facilitator
  • Online Training Courses
  • Retreat Facilitator
  • Master Classes
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Individual Coaching
  • Small Group & Team Coaching
  • Emcee - Master of Ceremonies
  • Zoom Production

Presentation coaching for your virtual presenters:
slide design, event branding and delivery