Sheryl Roush Coaching San Diego Charger Girls


Do you get nervous when speaking in front of people?

Need to give reports, briefings, presentations?

Trouble organizing your
and ideas?


Have personalized one-on-one telephone or in-person coaching sessions with Sheryl Roush for speaking and training skills, media interview practice and preparation for job interviews!

Sheryl Roush and her Sparkle Team have been training the NFL’s Charger Girl cheerleaders since 2000 in public speaking, media interviews for TV and radio. Pictured above: 2011-2012 Charger Girls, the professional ambassadors for the NFL San Diego Chargers.

“The chief objective of this program was to educate, build relationships, improve communication and enhance leadership skills while promoting self-confidence and team growth. With your help, we more than achieved this goal… making this year’s program another resounding success and the best ever. Many of the Charger Girls commented on how your presentations challenged them to step up their game both personally and professionally. For me that is the mark of a successful and meaningful program. You are in a league all your own!”

Lisa Simmons, Director, Charger Girls


Your personalized coaching program will help you:

  • Overcome nervousness
  • Gain greater confidence
  • Deliver an authentic messagePublic Speaking Coach, Sheryl Roush, enjoys sharing public speaking tips
  • Shorten speech preparation time
  • Enhance your creativity, innovation and ideas!
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Tighten structure, flow and organization
  • Target marketing and leverage opportunities
  • Develop products aligned with your core message
  • Set up your speaking business and your fees
  • Create professional slides, handouts and introductions
  • Craft effective marketing materials to promote your business
  • Conduct productive and energizing meetings

Speak And Market Like a Pro™

Speak and Market Like a Pro™Sheryl Roush, the Speak And Market Like a Pro™ Coach has been a highly-respected veteran in the field of professional speaking and training since 1988.  She provides real-world insights of the speaking business with her clients. Sheryl shares her expertise and experiences from having presented over 3,500 programs in 11 countries around the world. Her personalized coaching helps clients break through barriers to their natural talents, aligning more to their authentic messages and deeper connections. She helps her clients turn free speaking engagements into FEE-based speaking with her professional speaking and marketing skills.

You’d never guess that Sheryl Roush was painfully SHY as a child. Her mother dragged her on her Avon route, making her meet people. Then in high school, as the Commissioner of Pep she had to lead the Pep Rallies – in front of 2,000 fellow students and faculty. She couldn’t sleep for days before, spoke nervously and cried in private. Years later, as a business owner, she’d have trouble getting her name out of her mouth to introduce herself at networking meetings. One such meeting, a woman suggested she join Toastmasters, and Sheryl took that advice back in 1987. Although she cried her first three speeches in the safety of her small club, was able to shift her fears, and go on to become a confident speaker!

Sheryl has over three decades of diverse experience and expertise in communication skills, public speaking, social media and print advertising. She started her first business at 16, and has owned five graphic design studios, becoming a speaker and author to help others valuable skills to use in their own businesses.

Combining her skills in speaking and marketing she founded Speak And Market Like a Pro™ coaching to teach speaking skills to professionals who want to expand into the business of public speaking.  Sheryl is the ultimate speakers’ coach consistently creating rising stars in the speaking business and in their organizations. Through her insightful coaching and how-to workshops she helps individuals bring out their brilliance and authenticity — in person, in public and in print.

Sheryl Roush coaches in the business & skill of public speakingLearn from someone who has been-there, done-that,
and still successfully doing it!

Sheryl has earned numerous awards for her speaking, meeting planning and marketing skills including the Excellence in Training Award and Accredited Speaker Designation from Toastmasters International, plus the Golden Microphone Award from the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association and the Member of the Year award from two NSA Chapters.

As a top-ranked international trainer on marketing communication and desktop/graphic design skills, she presented 120 full-day seminars each year for eight consecutive years, and was selected the “Most Interactive Trainer” out of 243 premiere trainers for CareerTrack Seminars, International.

She has conducted speaking training and slide design for key lecturers at The Chopra Center, who speak on platforms with Deepak Chopra, as well as has trained managers and scientists at the San Diego Zoo, since 2005.

As Director of Speaker Training for the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, she started the Speakers Bureau, coaching Olympians in their speaking skills. Since 2000, Sheryl has coached the award-winning NFL Charger Girl cheerleaders each season in their public speaking and media interviewing skills.

As a conference keynoter, she has opened on-stage for Dancing with the Stars Marie Osmond, closed for Geena Davis, followed Olivia Newton-John, and has appeared alongside Art Linkletter, Good Morning America’s Joan Lunden, Marcus Buckingham and Suze Orman, to name a few.

Coaching Testimonials

“Sheryl is clearly an EXPERT in the arena of presentations. Her powerful coaching and insight was invaluable. She was thorough, didn’t miss an opportunity to offer mentoring and always kind and fun. The outcome: a BRILLIANT presentation to 1000+ HR professionals and VERY POSITIVE feedback.”

Sandy Asch, Principle
Alliance for Organizational Excellence LLC

“She is a dynamic communicator and leader and she focuses unlimited energy on helping others shine. She is a role-model and example to me and countless others. With a kind word, encouraging advice, and skilled counsel, Sheryl will help transform your life. She certainly did for me—strategically helping me to secure employment this past year.”

Gary Schmidt, Public Affairs Manager at Clackamas County,
2009-2010 International President, Toastmasters International

“As a speaker and trainer I found the information presented to be relevant, valuable and of immediate use. I spoke yesterday at a conference and took to heart many of Sheryl’s tips. I was very pleased with the results. One participant came up to me and said my presentation was the best session (out of 21) of the day. I look forward to implementing more of her ideas as I can see they are true success seeds.”

Louise Kurzeka, Member
National Association of Professional Organizers

“Last weekend  I gave 3 lectures for our Journey Into Healing seminar. I did not the major anxiety this time that had been troubling me when I first met you. I think overall the talks went well and I continue to tweak them with your wonderful suggestions. You are fabulous!!.”

Valencia Porter, Physician, Educator, Lecturer
Deepak Chopra’s Lecture Team, The Chopra Center

“Sheryl was very helpful to me while I was competing in the Toastmasters Region 1 International Speech Competition in 2007. She took her own time to coach me in my presentation the day of the contest. The skills I learned in just a short time with her not only helped me that evening, but I have continued to use in my presentations since.”

Dan Weedin, President
Dan Weedin Presents

“I hired Sheryl to help me with a speech that I was struggling with and in a word, she is – brilliant! Her ability to move me out of my head and deep into my heart was just magnificent. She took me from doing a speech to delivering my message and the result was incredible!”

Linda Salazar, Owner
Awaken The Genie Within®

Coaching with Sheryl Roush.
“I appreciate the support and coaching you gave me last year on how best to prepare for a really tough U.S. State Department job interview. Your insights, suggestions and proposed interview strategies were on target, and helped me do very well at the interview. I am also delighted with the support and coaching you gave me a couple of months ago about how to self publish a book. With your help and suggestions, I got my first book published, and feel more confident about writing my next book, which is now almost finished. Thanks for everything!!!! You sparkle!!!”

Edward Lopatin, Palm Springs, California
Author, Toastmaster, and retired San Francisco City government executive

“Sheryl helped change the trajectory of my development by effectively taking me from a contest speaker to a keynote speaker. She was able to drill down to my concerns, fill in important gaps in my knowledge, encourage me to move forward with enthusiasm, and cheerfully face my fears head-on. And she did this in… um… one hour. She is a treasure.”

Carl Walsh, Owner
Performance Communicators

“Sheryl Roush is an inspiration to everyone she meets and I highly recommend her as a speech coach and mentor. I have literally traveled halfway around the world with Sheryl and I’ve seen the impact she has on others. Whether speaking from the stage or sitting with people one on one, Sheryl changes lives. If you want to put a sparkle into your presentations or make breakthroughs in business and in life, Sheryl Roush is the one to call. She’s simply amazing.”

Craig Valentine, Speech Coach and Professional Speaker, The Communication Factory
1999 World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International

“She’s a total fireball of creativity and extraordinary kindness and her ability to make you feel you are the most important person on the planet is a gift few share. Her role as coach and marketing expert has moved my business and life forward in unprecedented ways, and I am tell anyone thinking of hiring her for her speaking (she’s dynamic), or her coaching and marketing skills (the best), they will Sparkle all the way to the top of the success chain.”

Jacqueline Wales, CEO
The Fearless Factor, Leadership Coach

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several seminars conducted by Sheryl. They were a blast and so educational. Sheryl makes her events fun to attend and a way to learn speaking and communication skills effortlessly. She is so full of energy and passion that is contagious! I highly recommend Sheryl as a trainer and coach in the field of communication and leadership.”

Edwin Bernard, Owner
YourLifePlan Unlimited