Is your organization "dulled" by negativity,
stress overload, declining service,
lack of teamwork, or poor communication?

Dealing with constant change?
Remote work forces & hybrid work spaces?

Could your team learn new (or refresh) their
interpersonal communication and listening skills?

Provide them RELEVANT tools, techniques and tactics
they need NOW and will USE!


Provide virtual training sessions and individual/team coaching
to boost their skills needed for the changing workplace!


As the Region 7 Assistant Director of the International Association of Venue Managers we recently invited Sheryl to speak at our region conference. Sheryl provided a powerful and engaging message. Sheryl’s expertise is communication skills for the workplace and she re-energized us to get back to the workplace. Many of us in our industry have been either laid off or furloughed this past year and Sheryl was a a breath of fresh air. She was positive, and brought excitement back to the attendees. Although the conference was virtual, she was able to bring the session to life. Sheryl engaged in real time and in the chats. This was not like most other virtual sessions I have been part of. We look forward to inviting her back again for future meetings. This is the second time we have had the opportunity to have Sheryl part of our education and connecting opportunities. Thank you Sheryl for being such a light and sharing your magic with us!

Shelley Albanese, General Manager, Visalia Convention Center
International Association of Venue Managers
Region 7 Assistant Director
April 2021


~ Skill-Building Sessions ~

Training and Coaching includes…

  • Conducting productive and energizing meetings
  • Polishing up speaking – live, hybrid and virtual presentations
  • Greater alignment to values during sales and marketing efforts
  • Enhancing communication skills — with vendors, clients and colleagues
  • Improving interpersonal connection and genuine rapport with others
  • Updating the tone of internal messaging to staff
  • Energizing client attraction and retention, and customer experience
  • Re-establishing trust and working relationships
  • Updating curriculum for train the trainer (internal/external) programs
  • Restoring creativity, problem-solving and innovation
  • Managing change, time, tasks and stress
  • Boosting attitude, morale, engagement and teamwork

Benefits to Yourself and Your Organization…

  • Improved attitude, transformed negativity
  • Energized creativity and greater flow of innovation
  • Greater teamwork, collaboration and harmony
  • Deeper trust, loyalty and pride
  • Increased productivity, engagement and cooperation
  • Enhanced interpersonal and team communication
  • Boosted morale, self-esteem and “family” spirit

Skill-Building Presentations and Coaching with a Motivational Tone!

Improve your organization’s teamwork, productivity, and performance with energizing programs on Communication Skills, Mindset and Morale. Your tailored presentations  and coaching sessions are designed to have a lasting positive impact — and customized to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Improve Communication – In Person, In Public, In Print – and Online

Business Communication boosting engagement, moral and performance!



For the IAVM annual regional conference theme “Re-Energize Your Magic!” Sheryl gave an incredibly engaging presentation titled “Communication Skills for the Workplace: Re-Energizing Connection and Teamwork” which focused on best practices in collaborating with team members and colleagues. Sheryl laid the groundwork for her presentation by taking the time to speak with a few of the conference attendees about their experiences and the industry. She then took the information from these exchanges and incorporated them into her talk, highlighting each of the individuals she interviewed. This special touch allowed Sheryl to create a tailored session that really spoke to the audience. The presentation was extremely relevant and relatable for attendees and Sheryl’s positive and energetic demeanor made for a phenomenal experience. I am so happy to know Sheryl and would 100% recommend her as a speaker for your next engagement or event!
Karly Watson, IAVM and MPI
Event Management
April 2021

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