Founder’s District Toastmasters – July 13, 2024 – Resources

Do you want greater response from your promotional efforts?

And fresh ideas to revitalize your Club and boost membership?

Learn tried-and-proven tips to apply to your outreach on-line and in print!

Discover simple ways to attract visitors and new members to your Club!


Market Like A Pro! Sheryl Roush

Market Like A Pro!
How to Promote Your Club to Potential Members

This engaging session is IDEAL for all officers and members – especially if your Club has less than 15 members attending your meetings.

In this insightful session, you will:

  • Learn the 3 types of readers – and the 3 stages of how they read
  • Understand what design elements are best placed where in the layout and why
  • Explore the benefits of hosting a Speechcraft Series to boost membership

Founder’s District

This session is hosted by Founder’s District Toastmasters, revered as The Birthplace of Toastmaster International, located in Orange County, California.  Toastmasters is celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2024, with the Centennial Convention in Anaheim, CA.

MARKET LIKE A PRO! session registration here.


Founders District–Handout-Club Marketing-Sheryl Roush-07 13 2024  (PDF)

Founders District–Handout-Marketing Speechcraft-Sheryl Roush-07 13 2024  (PDF)

Founders District–Golden Nugget-Notes Sheet-Sheryl Roush-07 13 2024 (PDF)

Accredited Speaker-Resource Sheet-07 01 2024  (PDF)

Founder’s District Resource Links from Sheryl Roush – 07 13 2024(Word)

Founder’s District Resource Links from Sheryl Roush – 07 13 2024 (PDF)

TI Branding Resources – Canva templates (PDF)


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