Want to Become a Paid Speaker?

So you’re thinking about becoming a paid – professional – speaker …
Whether you are committing to full-time, or part-time, even as a lobbyist for your cause, here are some key questions to consider:

What do you already speak about?
What were/are your favorite subjects?
What do you mostly talk to your friends about?
What do you freely give advice about?
What are you an expert in?
What are you “naturally” good at?
What would you gladly speak on for FREE?
Could you write a best-selling book on this topic?
What message “compels” you?

What sets YOU apart from others who speak on the same topic?
What is your “expertise” and “experience” on this?
What audiences do you most enjoy addressing, and why?
How “original” is your material?
How can you put a new spin on an old topic/belief?
Is your delivery style unique, refreshing, your own?

What are the benefits of their time, money, energy?
Who will benefit most by hiring/listening to you?
What groups would pay to hear this message?
How passionate are you about this topic?
What credibility do you bring to this topic?
Are you a “specialist” in this field?
What do audiences really want – or need?

Contact Sheryl Roush for coaching.
President/CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc.
With over 3,000 presentations given, throughout nine countries in the past 20 years, this top-rated international trainer and professional speaker, has tips to share with you!

Active members in a Toastmasters Club receive a special half-price coaching rate.

Email: Sheryl@SherylRoush.com

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