Media Interview Tips: At the Event

Media Interview Tips: At the Event

How exciting!  You’ve been asked to be interviewed!

Smile! Relax, be natural, radiant, genuine, and your sparkling self.

Walk around and shake off excess energy (okay… nervousness!).

Observe what the interviewer and media personnel are doing, who they are speaking to, eaves dropping and listening in on some of the questions they are asking those interviewees.

Don’t chew gum (ever)!

Don’t hold cold drinks in your right hand. Be ready to shake hands!

Always lick your teeth!   NO lipstick on your teeth … especially close-ups!

Check “shine” on your face, and carry powder if too reflective. (Men, yes, this applies to you too!)

Make certain your interviewer practices pronounces your name correctly.
And present them your business card so they have the proper spelling.

Ask them for THEIR business card.
This helps you create rapport, say their name in the interview to create “dialogue” and make you both feel more at ease.
(You will also want to send a hand-written Thank You card after your interview.)

Use the restroom. (Wash your hands with warm water to deter germs and calm your nerves.)

 What do to BEFORE the event, click here for tips!


-Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Coach
Sparkle Presentations, Inc.Public Speaking and Media Interview Skills trainer since 2000 for the award-winning cheer and dance team, the San Diego Charger Girls. She also coached Melissa Adams, to be featured on Good Morning America, as a cheerleader who is 85% hearing impaired, January 2012.

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