Your Inner Cheerleader: Book Release

A new book – worthy of attention – releases TODAY … 
Your Inner Cheerleader
, by my colleague and dear friend, Terri Marie.

As an expert in communication, working with organizations to boost teamwork, productivity, and performance with energizing programs on Attitude, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Workplace Morale — I love – and endorse – this book! Okay, I also love the title and concept, as I’ve coached the award-winning San Diego Chargers Professional Football “Charger Girls” Cheerleaders for the past 11 years in public speaking, media interviews and self-esteem… and was Commissioner of Pep in high school… yah, yah… but here’s YOUR CHANCE!
~ Sheryl Roush

Discover Secrets Smart Cheerleaders Use to Create Massive Success

“I believe that each day you must do something to encourage yourself, just like you need to eat every day for nourishment. It is vitally important that it comes from you, from within. That will cause huge, positive changes in your life, from a source that can never be taken away.”
~ Terri Marie

If you think you can stay in the game the same right now you’re kidding yourself. The ones who are succeeding big time today realize that they are playing a whole new game. We’re not in a regular game anymore. We’re in the play offs. The play offs are the pay offs. They require more focus.

In award-winning author Terri Marie’s latest book, Your Inner Cheerleader you will be shown Strategies, Formulas and Secrets of Cheerleaders. This book is a game changer. Discover 88 effective strategies for excelling in business and of course, the Big Game of Life. Terri Marie is an award-winning author and producer of over 30 documentaries. In order to get meetings with top executives, famous directors, and Olympic champions, she used these strategies. The Inner Cheerleader helped her get the licenses she needed from NBC. Terri Marie shares countless other lessons from the Cheerleader that have propelled her to success such as appearing in Success magazine.

The book contains secrets that cheerleaders know like:

  • How to turn a fear leader into a “cheer”leader
  • How to build lots of positive energy
  • Use short cheers when the game is moving fast
  • If you want to attract attention get out in the field
  • Repeat yourself for emphasis. Keep it simple.
  • Winning over negative beliefs and many more strategies, stories and examples!

There are hundreds of potent tips and examples that Terri Marie used for her own business success and to produce over 30 documentaries!

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About Terri Marie
Producer, author, composer and speaker, Terri Marie has appeared in Success Magazine, been featured in Sharing Ideas Magazine (NSA’s Dottie Walters) and other international publications. She has been on numerous radio programs and licensed music to EMI, Narada, Columbia House and BMG. As a producer, Terri Marie produced and directed over 30 documentaries which aired on Network and PBS stations. She also produced and starred in dozens of theme-oriented exercise shows called “The Great Body Escape.”

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