What did you do in World War II?

A Conversation with Dad

Hiram Roush, my father, served in the Army Corps of Engineers. Too young for WWII, he enlisted in 1945
and spent 3 years mapping islands in the South Pacific…
Dad was recalled to duty as a Reservist at the start of the Korean War.
(Pictured here at Boot Camp Ft. Belver in Washington D.C., Dad was 18 years old.)

I sat down with my father on Veteran’s Day November 12, 2010, having cake at the dining room table, and asked a simple question:

“Dad, what did you do in WWII?”

WOW! So glad I grabbed my iPhone and hit RECORD… for the next hour he told me!   I had NO IDEA he was in 19 helicopter crashes (saving his pilot’s life in one of them) while doing his job, and surveying. What an amazing man. At a perky 83, the stories flowed from him as if they happened yesterday! The detail. The places. The pride. We need to HAVE those conversations! 

Thank YOU to ALL who serve(d).

– Sheryl Roush

Sheryl Roush is the co-author of Heart of a Military Woman:
Stories and Tributes to Those Who Serve Our Country

with Eldonna Lewis Fernandez.
All original and true short stories, poems, and tributes from
military personnel, their families and loved ones.

Purchase copies here.

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