Toastmasters Poem: Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas as I was thinking of Clubs
to practice my speech for ums and ahs to scrub.
This one was special with lots of hoot,
filled with stories in my birthday suit.

The Toastmaster members will surely share in delight
as I entertain them of my wee flight
from the local authorities that one day
refusing to sit still and stay.

As I practice, the lights started flashing;
then out came the squeaker with that old familiar lashing
I looked down and re-read my notes,
to clear that darn filler from my throat.

Just them my mother chimed in
only to remind me that I was 10
not 12 months old
when I stood there unclothed.

Too late for a last minute change
for I must really hit the golf range.
Besides, my fellow Toasties are loyal and social,
they always allow me to be very boastful.

May all my friends, Toasties or non
have a wonderful holiday tomorrow dawn.
Dance like there’s no tomorrow with a little brut.
In fact, do so in your birthday suit.

– by Rose Wellman

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