7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone

How to Communicate with Anyone, Anywhere!

7 Secrets to Connect with AnyoneThis program is fresh — with valuable communication techniques and immediate application for speaking, training, sales, marketing, parenting…

The topic is ideal live, hybrid and virtual audiences, and appropriate for corporate training and association meetings, virtual training sessions and more!


Your participants will learn how to:

  • Meet people where they are
  • Establish instant rapport and respect
  • Give instructions so they are understood
  • Utilize the 7 Multiple Intelligence modalities
  • Build your natural charisma factor with advanced listening skills
  • Create teamwork, cooperation and productivity
  • Enhance your interpersonal people skills

Your program may be customized to specifically address:

  • Customer Service
  • Attitude and MoraleSheryl Roush is a female professional speaker in San Diego, CA
  • Public speaking and training skills
  • Supervisory and management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales and marketing
  • Courteous telephone techniques
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conducting/leading/ participating in effective meetings
  • Decision-making
  • Job interviewing skills
  • Parenting and/or Elder Care

This program supports all levels of management and the accuracy in giving and receiving instructions and directions. Participants have fun while learning advanced, yet simplified communication skills – proven from the latest research in the field.

Sheryl Roush co-authored “Team Communication Tactics” as a full-day 90%-exercise based program with the former CareerTrack Seminars Int’l premiere training company. She was rated “Most Interactive” trainer by faculty and attendees.

Ideal for virtual and on-site training, public speaking skills, job interviewing, leadership retreats, spouse programs and team-building events.
May be scheduled as half-day or full-day with additional customized exercises.
Great for conference breakout sessions or outdoor activity stretch program. Recommended minimum time: 90 minutes.


Sheryl presented this as a highly-interactive workshop — to an audience of 1,900 — at the Annual Catholic Congress as closing breakout session. It received both a standing ovation and highest session ratings for the entire annual statewide convention.

Keynote closing the 4-day of Stampin’ Up!® (direct sales) Sheryl presented this material to TWO audiences of 5,000 — for two back-to-back annual conventions — and made it interactive, engaging, humorous and highly-tailored to creative stampers. It received standing ovations at each convention.

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I had the pleasure to attend Sheryl’s virtual training on presenting like a pro and it was one of the highlights of my year so far! Sheryl is not only a fun and energetic trainer but also very detail oriented. She walked us through every stage right from preparing to presenting and post-presentation which was truly well crafted. I started implementing her tips the same day for my virtual calls with teams in Asia by focusing on the gotta-know in the body of my message. Since I work a lot with cross-functional partners from around the globe, it is important for me to ensure engagement throughout the meetings. And I can already see Sheryl’s training help me!

Akanksha P Mohla, MBA
Manager, Global SIOP at Mattel, Inc.

When working with Sheryl, you experience a sparkle with every touch point. Rarely do you find someone with the excellence and level of detail that Sheryl gives to deliver a personalized presentation that is packed with value and golden nuggets that you can apply immediately. In one of our recent virtual trainings with 125 participants from across the U.S. and Canada, Sheryl kept the group captivated and excited to test out their learnings. Looking forward to working with her again.”

Giovanna Dottore, Senior Manager
Supply Chain Org Development, Mattel, Inc.
Live Webinar Training, April 1, 2020

Our youth club is so excited and happy to acknowledge and implement what we have just learned from Sheryl’s presentation less than 24 hours ago. It’s unique, logical, inspiring, personal, and easy to understand. I cannot believe she tailored her world-class presentation titled “7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone” to the audience’s need based on the meeting theme, age, gender, and Ramadan’s fasting observance. A perfect match! It cannot be better than this. Thank you, Sheryl.”

Tahseen Mohammad, Head Coach, Future Stars
Enterprise Cloud Architect at BlueYonder

“Your presentation for Women’s Transportation Seminars yesterday was clear, bright, organized – and very valuable to me. Besides what I learned in content, my participation in such a positive presentation gave me quite a boost and helped me bring more enthusiasm back to my work. I’m sure that my employees will owe you since they are seeing a happier me.”

Donna K. Turbyfill, Deputy Director, Management Services
Public Works/Land Use Environment Group, City of San Diego

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Sheryl Roush:

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Audiences include:

  • Brooks Brothers
  • Carlsbad Premium Outlets
  • City of Lubbock - Water Utilities
  • County of Los Angeles Management Council
  • Kohler Co.
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
  • Lifeline Healthcare, Inc.
  • Los Angeles County Management Council
  • National University
  • National Water Rural Association
  • Professionals In Human Resources Association
  • San Diego Zoo Global
  • Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  • Steven R. Olmos, Dental Office
  • Tustin Unified School District
  • UCSD Healthcare & Medical Center
  • Union Bank
  • Washington Inventory Service