Speaking Skills: Using Mind Mapping to Easily Craft a Presentation

Would YOU like to learn a simple technique
to boost your public speaking? 

Perhaps a shortcut to speech preparation? 

And a natural way to get ideas out of your head?

Watch this Speak Like A Pro session on Using Mind Mapping to Easily Craft a Presentation!

In this insightful program, you will:

• Learn tips to save time crafting ANY type of presentation
• Discover how to quickly SORT your thoughts
• Revisit HOW you organize, and FINISH a speech

View the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOBi6xC9ERU

HANDOUT: Mindmapping Worksheet-Sheryl Roush

Hosted by District 79 Toastmasters, with over 241 clubs, 61 Areas, 15 Division and 4000+ base members in all central, east and north of Saudi Arabia.

CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Sheryl Roush has given well over 3,500 onsite presentations in 12 countries, add to that virtual presentations since 2012.

For her contributions to global communication and leadership, she was honored with the Presidential Citation.

As a speaking coach, she started the Speakers Bureau for the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego… training Olympians to share their stories.

She has also trained the lecture team for Deepak Chopra.

In Toastmasters, she is honored with the elite Accredited Speaker designation, earned for outstanding public speaking skills, which was judged in six categories of presentations. Since 1981, there have been only 88 honorees in 143 countries, and Sheryl was the youngest woman to earn the credential in 1993.

A 17-time published author, the Heart of a Toastmaster book, sanctioned by Toastmasters International, received “Best Anthology” from the International Book Awards.

For more information about the speaker, please visit https://sherylroush.com

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