Social Media Etiquette

How “savvy” and courteous are YOU on social media sites?

I was recently asked to offer my suggestions for observing social media etiquette. Thinking mainly of my experience on Facebook, I was surprised how quickly these tips flowed:

Keep “private” messages private.
Use the “Send Message” option instead of posting on someone’s Wall.
Anything posted on a Wall is visible to ALL of YOUR Friends and Theirs …

Use the “tagging” function to acknowledge someone in a post.
Example: Recently I’ve brought in top local celebrities for media interviewing training with my Charger Girls cheer and dance team. I “tagged” them in thank you’s on Facebook, on my business and personal pages, and on their pages.
Tip: If you don’t check your Facebook page very often, use the “Send email when someone sends you a message” option.
(I’ve received more radio interviews and speaking engagements by being lightning fast in response time.)

Be “open” to “Chat” on Facebook pages – even at odd hours.
Since people are on-line at all hours, your “late” hours may be their “early” hours.
Result #1: Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Brown “chatted me up” late at night – and we became better Friends – sharing speaking tips…
Result #1: Facebookers have used the “Chat” to book me for their radio shows, and for speaking and book signings!

Don’t use the “Poke” function.
If you want to get someone’s attention, pop them a private “Message” instead.

Don’t invite Friends to play the Games and Surveys.
(I clear those from my wall, and often Unfriend them.)

When asking to connect (on Facebook, or LinkedIn), WRITE A PERSONAL NOTE ... how do you know them?
This will dramatically increase the chances of them clicking “accept” to your Friendship, and creating better relationships!

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