Poem: Women in Toastmasters

Women in Toastmasters

Women in Toastmasters are like no other
Multi-brilliant at work, and often too, a mother.
Guided by vision to make a difference in this world,
Reporting for service, with her hair even curled.

Ready to go, whenever the need
She knows in her heart, there’s a calling to feed.
To do right, to speak up, determined to succeed
A role model that plants the possibility seed.

Knows who she is, right down to the core|
Her essence, her passion—shine all the more!
She’s in charge with a handle on it all.
At the office, at home, or shopping mall.

Pursuing Pathways she may well know
Realizes there’s still plenty room to grow.
So energetic, creative and fun . . .
Early rise, there’s much to be done!

She still finds time to laugh and to play
Sacred time too, to kneel, and to pray.
Her daily prayer resides in God’s grace
Serving others from her heart sets the pace.

It comes from inside, driven by vision,
Just like you—she’s on a global mission!
Making use of her talent, wisdom and skill
From strengths and trust in Divine will.

Gentle, compassionate, loving and strong
In this sisterhood of success you also belong!
Anything she puts her heart to she can do
She’s not alone sis’ta—as you can too!

The road to get here has been quite a ride
“Call me ‘Woman’— it’s my source of pride!”
Come along, she’s blazin’ new trail
To Women in Toastmasters—whom we all hail!

~ Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS
Distinguished Toastmaster
Past District 5 Governor
Accredited Speaker
Presidential Citation Awardee

© 2020 Sheryl L. Roush
Email: Sheryl@SherylRoush.com
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