Military Women: Poem by Ginny Ellis

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

We are military women,
Who’ve never left this land for war,
Our battleground is here at home,
And our home’s what we fight for.
Our attire has no insignia,
No ribbons, epaulets, or bars,
No shining medals of distinction,
No gold, or bronze, or silver stars.
Our normal dress is jeans and sweats,
That’s a sort of uniform, I s’pose,
Just right for what we do at home,
Thus, they must be military clothes.
Our duty is to keep our homes,
As safe as safe can be,
And to keep the home fires burning,
For dear ones here and overseas.
We’re mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts,
We’re worriers . . . and warriors,
We stand tall and do not fall
Indeed, we are superior.
We are an army of strong women,
Who do not jump to buglers’ horns,
We bear no destructive weapons,
And our jeans are uniforms.
We tend and tend and tend again
To our families and our homes,
With all our might, we fight and fight
To win our wars and hold our own.

(C) January 2009 Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
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Published in Heart of a Military Woman:
Stories and Tributes to Those Who Serve Our Country

by Sheryl Roush and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez.

All original and true short stories, poems, and tributes from military personnel, their families and loved ones.

Purchase copies here.

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