Job Interviews: Getting the Call

If you’ve been posting your resume on job portal sites, or responding directly to the potential employer… here’s a few tips to ensure you get called for the interview:

When tailoring – yes – tailoring – your cover letter and resume to that specific job posting – include key words from their posting into your application documents. The latest technology scans your PDF or Word.doc., inserting into the portal’s entry management system, pulling from your document (or key entries) inserting them into the appropriately designated areas.

The more “key words” from their posting, the higher YOUR application file is placed at the top of the data… helping to get YOU that phone call for the first interview (or even a pre–screen interview over the phone first). Your potential employer is looking for a MATCH … what do they need … and what do you have to offer?


  1. Research the organization, before completing the application.
  2. Be truthful. You may need to explain your experience.
  3. Paraphrase the posting statements, not copy word-for-word.
  4. Sprinkle those key words and duties required throughout your application.
  5. Look at Cover Letter and Resume Samples. Check your fonts, formats, spelling, dates, etc.

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