Heart of a Toastmaster Book Contributors Sign at International Convention


Wednesday, August 21st, a record 39 Contributors to the Heart of a Toastmaster book will be SIGNING hundreds of copies of the new publication releasing at 10:00am that morning.

The Book Signing Event immediately follows the pre-opening educational session of the convention, entitled Heart of a Toastmaster, from 3:00-4:30pm.

The Toastmasters International Annual Convention is being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Duke Energy Center. Books will be available for purchase on-site, at the Convention Bookstore, and in the Foyer signing area from 4:00-6:00pm. After the Convention, books are available from author Sheryl Roush, here.

❤ Book Contributors Signing
Dilip Abayasekara
Val Albert
Scott Alexander
Rita Barber
Monique Blokzyl
Deborah Bogdon
Douglas Brinker
Laura Clancy
Paul Clark
Lois Camp Cole
Vicky Ferrer
Joyce Feustel
Charles Fleisher
Andrea Foy
Ethel Goatee
Lydia Harris
Marilyn Jess
Pat Johnson
Jackie Kloosterboer
Darren LaCroix
Bev LeBlanc
Dina Loomis
Rebecca Marzec
Tammy Miller
Michael Osur
Margaret Page
Kay Presto
Mark Rauschenbach
Jean Robor
Sheryl Roush
Olivia Schofield
Naomi Takeuchi
Shel Taylor
Karen Twichell
Jan Vecchio
Paul E. White
Maureen Zappala

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