8 Steps to Stellar Presentations: Closing

Step 8: Prepare the Close

In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at
Step 1: Develop Your Objectives
Step 2: Know Your Audience
Step 3: State the Main Ideas
Step 4: Decide on Supporting Information
Step 5: Create An Opener
Step 6: Develop Transitions
Step 7: Structure the Main Body

The conclusion is the strongest part of your presentation. It is a way of bringing your speech to a close, reinforcing your major ideas/main points, letting your audience know what you expect of them, and providing a final impact.

Here are the three objectives of a Closing:
1. Provide a summary of main ideas and objectives
2. Review the purpose of the entire presentation
3. Appeal directly for audience action

Key Components of a Closing
Bridging Statement that announces the closing
ex: “Let me summarize…”
ex: “To restate my three main points…”
ex: “To sum up where we have been…”
ex: “In this briefing, we have explored…”
Restatement of the Key Points
Note: people need to hear things 3-10 times before the remember them
• Summary of Main Message
ex: “What we’ve explored today is…”
• Benefit Statement
State how they will benefit from this information
• Brief and memorable statement
ex: quotation, declarative statement, personal story, poem



-Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Speaking Coach
Sparkle Presentations, Inc.

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