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Free Seminar — Speak And Market Like a Pro!™ at National University-Costa Mesa

PrintThe March 12th  event hosted by Founders Speakers Bureau of Toastmasters International will feature Sheryl Roush presenting her trademarked program, Speak And MarketLike a Pro!™

The topic offers advanced public speaking skills and much-needed marketing graphic design for anyone wanting to promote and/or get paid for their speaking. Not only will attendees get ideas and tips they can USE right away, ...

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Voice Expert Shares Insights at Local Conference

Do you get a tired voice half-way through your day?

Does your voice crack? Sound raspy or hoarse? Or disappears completely?

If you count on your voice to make you money – you can’t afford to be without it!

How to Protect and Use Your Voice

Ideal for ANYONE in business, sales, marketing, speaking, lecturing, singing…

Ms. Joni Wilson is speaking at this special event:

How to Speak and Market Like a Pro!


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Public Speaking Tips: Handling Q & A Sessions

A great Question and Answer session – one that adds value to your presentation – requires planning and thoughtful contributions from both the audience and the speaker.   – Andrew Dlugan

• Budget for the Q&A when you plan the presentation. Cut material as necessary to ensure enough time.
• Use your audience analysis to predict their questions and prepare a few “extra” slides at the end.
• Announce early in your presentation that you will be answering questions either throughout ...

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Find Your Passion When Boosting Skills And Knowledge

Posted 01:00 PM ET on

Mastering something you know how to do well is hard enough. Learning a skill that doesn’t come naturally is tougher. Either way, with hard work and practice, you can find your passion.

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Your Inner Cheerleader: Book Release

A new book – worthy of attention – releases TODAY … 
Your Inner Cheerleader
, by my colleague and dear friend, Terri Marie.

As an expert in communication, working with organizations to boost teamwork, productivity, and performance with energizing programs on Attitude, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Workplace Morale — ...

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Speaking Tips for Women

If you’ve ever been afraid…

That you won’t be taken seriously…
That you won’t ever be paid what you’re worth as a speaker…
That your topic selections and audience options are limited by your gender…

It’s time you quit making excuses and Find Your Roar!

In this unprecedented audio series, Rich Hopkins interviews four world class speakers and coaches – and they bring you into their world… where you will discover:

* How They Made their Passion for Speaking a Reality
* ...

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Speaking Tips: 7 Secrets to Connect with Your Audience

Martin Presse, Canadian Talk Show Host, invited me for a second appearance on his Booya Radio Hour on August 30th, with the hot topic of how to engage all types of listeners in audiences.

Referred to by researchers Howard Gardner, PhD, and Thomas Armstrong, PhD as the 7 Multiple Intelligences, or Seven Kinds of Smart…. I’ve translated their early childhood education focus to modern day adult learners and public speakers.

Using this ...

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Using Slides: A lighthearted look with serious tips

As a professional speaker and speaking coach – as well as a graphic designer for over 30 years now – not to mention a make-over slide deck designer for clients…. I’ve seen it all.  (Okay, I’ve even done some of these errors in my earlier years as a speaker and trainer!)

Thanks to Don McMillan, a colleague in the National Speakers Association, the presenter of this original material and a talented Comedian –  for a most entertaining live presentation — in ...

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