Have your people lost their SPARK?

Not working as a team?   Not playing well together?

Could they use a brush-up to enhance communication skills?

When your organization needs to sharpen communication skills within your business and with your clients ... Sheryl Roush delivers high-content programs with an engaging motivational style and tone ... for immediate results!
Sheryl is available for highly-tailored (no kidding!) programs including:
KEYNOTE ENERGIZERS — Set the tone for your event - get started on a high note!
LUNCHEON PROGRAMS — Inspiration with content, engaging!
RIGHT-AFTER-LUNCH ENERGY BOOSTER — When your agenda needs a little lighthearted relief!
CONFERENCE BREAKOUT SESSIONSAdd take-away value to your program with skill-builders!
CLOSING ADDRESS & EVENT SUMMARY — Send your attendees home invigorated and inspired!
TAILORED RETREATS — To speak during your retreat - or to facilitate the entire retreat for you!


Do your people need to:

    • Polish-up public speaking, sales or marketing skills?
    • Enhance communication skills – with clients, colleagues, volunteers, shareholders?
    • Improve interpersonal connection and rapport with others?
    • Increase productivity?
    • Catapult creativity and innovation?
    • Manage change and stress?
    • Tighten-up teamwork?
    • Boost morale?

Benefits to Your Organization:

    • Improve attitude, overcome negativity
    • Energize creativity and greater flow of innovation
    • Develop teamwork and greater harmony
    • Deepen trust, loyalty and pride
    • Increase productivity and cooperation
    • Enhance interpersonal and team communication
    • Boost morale, self-esteem and “family” spirit

Workplace Motivation!

Improve your organization’s teamwork, productivity, and performance with energizing programs on Attitude, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Workplace Morale.
Programs are designed to have a lasting positive impact — and tailored to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Improve Communication – In Person, In Public and In Print!

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