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Choices and Commitments

When you think back over your life what are some of the greatest commitments and longest lasting experiences you have had?
Perhaps it’s your marriage, a sorority or an association?
Involvement in a charity, an organization or a worthy cause?
Passion for a hobby, past time or particular sport?

How did you get first get started? How long has it been?
And in introspection how has your life been changed, influenced and enriched because of it?

Today marks my 30th Anniversary of ...

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Bringing Out More Brilliance: Speaking to Mensa, Feb 18, 2017

Last July, I had the distinct honor of addressing the American Mensa Annual Gathering, with a ballroom filled with eager attendees, ready to learn tips on connecting better with others. Potentially a challenging audience for ANY level of public speaker, my mindset was: I’m here to be of service, and offer something you might not know…

Imagine my professional thrill when the convention chair informed me that my session of “7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone” was both the ...

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Heart of a Toastmaster Book featured in Toastmaster Magazine

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. In fact, it’s Where Leaders Are Made. Membership of 292,000 strong, where individuals improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 13,500 Clubs in 122 countries that make up a global network of meeting locations.

For those of us who are — or have ever been — members…. we each have our unique story of how we found Toastmasters — whether being told to attend by a ...

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Speaking of Fears…

It’s hard to believe ….
that I was once a painfully shy five-year-old, being dragged along by my mother on her door-to-door Avon routes.

Then, in high school, as Commissioner of Pep for the Associated Student Body, I needed to lead the Pep Rallies — in front of the entire 2,000-student body and faculty. For several days before the event, I couldn’t sleep, had a nervous stomach, couldn’t eat, would lose my voice, and tried everything I could do to get ...

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Speak Up for Your Cause: Public Speaking Tips

Using your voice for advocacy, influencing decisions, policies and actions

As you are preparing for your upcoming presentation, here are a dozen solid tips to utilize – that will help you Sparkle When You Speak!™

What is your objective? Premise? Desired outcome? Everything in your presentation (examples, stories, facts, graphics) must support this. Open your presentation with an overview and the benefits. Close with a summary.

Who are you speaking to? What are their interests, values, commonalities? Titles? Donors? Guests? Volunteers? ...

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Sheryl Roush to Present at L*A*C*E Training

Leadership and Communication Education

Professional speaker and speaking coach Sheryl Roush will be presenting two presentation skills classes, open to the public on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at Biola University, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, California 90639-0001. The full-day educational training is hosted by Founders District of Toastmasters International, Where Leaders Are Made.

Sparkle When You Speak™

Course 101:
Still have fear when speaking?
Need more confidence?
Want to connect more authentically with ...

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Connecting without Speaking

Had an interesting experience this afternoon… I went to shop for a new office chair at Staples, and while waiting for assistance in that section, I observed other shoppers in the area.

Recognizing a conversation without words of two nearby shoppers, followed the dialogue a few minutes, watching frustration escalate. I stood up from the comfy leather chair I was testing, and inquired if I could help. With my broken sign language, gestures and slow enunciation, I was able to help ...

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8 Steps to Stellar Presentations: Transitions

Step 6: Develop Transitions

In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at
Step 1: Develop Your Objectives
Step 2: Know Your Audience
Step 3: State the Main Ideas
Step 4: Decide on Supporting Information
Step 5: Create An Opener

Next, you need bridges between thoughts, ideas, parts of your presentation.

A transition is a link, phrase, or segue, that joins the end of one point to the beginning of the next, forming a bridge between the parts of your speech.
Transitions provide a natural flow ...

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Your Inner Cheerleader: Book Release

A new book – worthy of attention – releases TODAY … 
Your Inner Cheerleader
, by my colleague and dear friend, Terri Marie.

As an expert in communication, working with organizations to boost teamwork, productivity, and performance with energizing programs on Attitude, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Workplace Morale — ...

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Free Speaking Seminar October 4 in Temecula, CA

Want to be a more dynamic presenter?
Boost engagement, rapport and sales?
Need fresh ideas you can use immediately?

Internationally top-rated speaker/trainer and speaking coach Sheryl Roush is presenting a FREE lunch-time seminar on public speaking tips – for every level of presenter – that can be immediately applied to sales, marketing, speaking, training, teaching… even parenting!

Whether you are speaking for as short as 5 minutes, or as long as 50 — to as few as 4, or to as large ...

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