Are your meetings boring, non-productive and long-winded?Is there lack of follow-through afterward?Do people dread coming to “another meeting?”Shift that negativity into productivity, teamwork and fun!Turn your people power into problem-solving brain power.

Meetings, whether formal or informal, need to integrate knowledge and ideas into our daily and long-term operations.

We’re involved in meetings and task forces all the time, as the facilitator, as a presenter or as a participant.


  • 9 critical success factors
  • 5 meeting roles
  • 7 behaviors and 11 pitfalls that derail meetings
  • plus problem-solving energizers.

In this tailored program participants will discover ways to structure and lead meetings, key meeting roles, behaviors and pitfalls that derail meetings.

You will also learn problem-solving energizers, and ways to infuse your meetings.

Discover effective structure for: design, conduct and follow-up.

Note: Suggest to attendees to arrive a few minutes early as this focused session practices what it teaches — so it starts and ends on time. Handouts provided.

Sheryl Roush incorporates specific objectives into your presentation, as your program will be highly tailored.

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  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Customer Service with Heart
  • Sparkle When You Speak!™
This program is lively, engaging and interactive. Ideal for every level of your organization.

Audiences include:

  • San Diego “World Famous” Zoo
  • San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park
  • Toastmasters International
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