Services for Toastmasters Int’l President Helen Blanchard

Helen BlanchardIn Celebration of Toastmasters Trailblazer
Helen Blanchard

International President, 1985–1986

Services are to be held Saturday, June 15, 2013, from 11am-2pm at the First United Methodist Church, 2111 Camino del Rio South (Mission Valley west of Texas St.), San Diego, CA 92108 in Mission Valley (San Diego), California.

Toastmasters Executive Director Dan Rex and hundreds ...

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Public Speaking: Taming the Stage Fright Tiger

25 Public Speaking Tips for the Non-Professional Speaker

1. Believe the audience sincerely wants you to succeed, and learn from you.
2. Affirm you have a message they need to hear and offers value.
3. The more time you devote to preparation in advance, the less anxious you will be.
4. Mind map your concepts initially (not starting with a lined memo pad!).
5. Then draft a simple outline indicating potential flow, content and transitions.
6. Incorporate the multiple communication modalities ...

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Public Speaking: 5 Stages of Fear and What to Do About Them

5 Stages of Fear and What to Do About Them

Stage 1:  The fear of the POSSIBILITY of being chosen to speak.
Tips: It’s going to happen, so say YES!
Start saying positive affirmations out loud to yourself.
Shift mentally from using the (victimizing) words
ex: “I have to give a speech,”
to “…sharing a message,”  or “relating information…”

Stage 2:  The fear that may arise during the PLANNING of the presentation.
Tips: Keep breathing. Take a break. Go for a ...

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Speaking of Fears…

It’s hard to believe ….
that I was once a painfully shy five-year-old, being dragged along by my mother on her door-to-door Avon routes.

Then, in high school, as Commissioner of Pep for the Associated Student Body, I needed to lead the Pep Rallies — in front of the entire 2,000-student body and faculty. For several days before the event, I couldn’t sleep, had a nervous stomach, couldn’t eat, would lose my voice, and tried everything I could do to get ...

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Administrative Professionals Day 2013

Today, we celebrate and honor …
Those dedicated individuals who “hold down the fort” when the boss is gone…
Those lonely souls who come in early and stay late, to ensure the organization runs smoothly…
Those amazing talented “under-dogs” with super-power multi-tasking skills…

The support staff, the uber-do-ers, the Administrative Professionals!

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“Self-Publishing, ePublishing, Print-On-Demand, and Beyond!” Seminar April 5

The publishing industry has changed drastically over the past several years, opening up opportunities for independent authors to publish their work. Find out how you can publish your book, novel, or white paper and still maintain 100% of your rights!

Self-Publishing, ePublishing, Print-On-Demand, and Beyond!

Ideal for PUBLISHED AUTHORS … and ANYONE even thinking about writing a book…

Learn what you need to know now about book publishing at this special event:

How to Speak and Market Like a Pro!


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Voice Expert Shares Insights at Local Conference

Do you get a tired voice half-way through your day?

Does your voice crack? Sound raspy or hoarse? Or disappears completely?

If you count on your voice to make you money – you can’t afford to be without it!

How to Protect and Use Your Voice

Ideal for ANYONE in business, sales, marketing, speaking, lecturing, singing…

Ms. Joni Wilson is speaking at this special event:

How to Speak and Market Like a Pro!


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Think Like a Negotiator – April 7 – San Diego Seminar

Tired of getting shot-down in your bids… or passed over for someone else?

Discover tips and strategies that put you heads-and-shoulders above the rest!

Whether in sales, small business or big business —
you can USE these techniques to achieve win-win results in your negotiations!

Learn how to attract the right clients, improve your bottom line
and negotiate better deals — from the family room to the boardroom.

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