Toastmasters: How to Become an Accredited Speaker

Toastmasters International Annual Convention Education Session
Friday, August 19, 2016, Washington DC

How to Become an Accredited Speaker

Co-Presenters: Rochelle Rice, CSP, AS, MS
Sheryl Roush, DTM, AS, PDG

The Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program is designed for professional speakers and trainers who combine expert knowledge in a particular subject with presentation mastery. This combination makes them sought-after experts in their fields. Discover how to maximize your Toastmasters membership to prepare you for the path to professional speaking.

Co-presenters Rochelle Rice and Sheryl Roush, both Accredited Speakers, will share how they gained insights from their journeys, the lessons they learned and the benefits of having earned the distinction. Being an Accredited Speaker is a professional credential, not a competition. Every member who applies can earn it!

Learn how you can become an Accredited Speaker the first time you apply. You may even be qualified now!

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About the Author:

Sheryl Roush, President/CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc.,  is a 20+ year professional speaker with 3,000 presentations given around the globe, reaching thousands. For speaking engagements or coaching, contact her by clicking here.
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