Feeling safe in your speaking environment

This post on Facebook’s “The Official Toastmasters International Members Group” page today made me stop, and ponder the member’s question:

As a Plain Ordinary Toastmaster, I have enjoyed a feeling of “safety” whenever I have presented
in a Toastmasters environment. That includes club, area, division and district.
In non-Toastmasters environments, I generally am able to transfer that feeling of safety
from my Toastmasters environment.
As a member who looks forward to my second Toastmasters
experience outside of North America and as a reality check from this group, I’d like to see posts
from members—including but limited to members outside of North America—reflecting thoughts
about feeling safe in the Toastmasters environment.
How do you decide what a safe environment is, and what does it look like to you?
How do your fellow Toastmasters decide what a safe environment is, and what does it look like to them?


Sheryl Roush:
Thanks to Toastmasters, I felt safe and “grew” within the loving environment of the Club, then Area, then Division and the District levels. My confidence grew as I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d with each presentation.

Today, as a professional speaker, and presenting around the globe, the confidence gained helps me to CREATE a safe environment, wherever I may speak, and I’ve spoken in the Middle East, in Malaysia, in Mexico City., etc.

What IS a safe environment?
One where there is mutual respect.
Connection. Authentic rapport.
The freedom to BE who you already are.

My tips:
Be yourself.
Be confident in your skills.
Believe in your message.
Trust that your audiences want you to succeed.
And have FUN!

May EACH presentation you give, be a heartfelt message, that touches lives, and allows you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

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Sheryl Roush
is the author of the newly released Heart of a Toastmaster book, approved by Toastmasters International. She is an international top-rated speaker and speaking coach, with expertise in helping others Speak And Market Like a Pro.

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About the Author:

Sheryl Roush, President/CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc.,  is a 20+ year professional speaker with 3,000 presentations given around the globe, reaching thousands. For speaking engagements or coaching, contact her by clicking here.

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